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Cru Summer Missions

Cru's summer opportunities range from beach resort towns to the inner city to wilderness adventures and from right around the corner to the far reaches of the world. Over the last few summers, you could find our staff and students on mission in the Smoky Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Alaska, California, South Asia, Australia, and our international partner city, Prague, Czech Republic. And that's just a few of the opportunities!


Many of the Cru Summer missions here in the US are centered around work* and ministry in community. As the largest missionary organization in the world, Cru knows how to prepare you, and send you to be effective. Cru’s full-time staff missionaries don’t just lead the trip, but also focus on pouring into you as you pour into others – guiding you, training and encouraging you – in the midst of a new and incredible community of your peers from college across the country.

*having a regular summer job on location


Every Tribe. Every Tongue. Every Nation.

​Cru is committed to reaching the nations for Christ.  Every year, students travel within the U.S. and overseas to spread the Gospel and make disciples.  Clemson Cru has been involved in partnerships that helped establish college ministries in Slovakia, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.  Each of those partnerships has transitioned to being led by nationals.


Prague, Czech  Republic

Clemson Cru has committed to Pray, Give, and Go to see this great city reached with the Gospel of Christ. Cru engages in strategic partnerships to reach the world for Christ. Because of our commitment to make disciples of all nations, we have committed to Pray, Give, and Go to reach the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. 


Called the Heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is vastly post-Christian and secular in heart and soul. Perceiving Christianity as merely an institutional religion with a difficult and confusing history, the Czechs have become disillusioned by the institution of the church and have embraced atheism as their worldview. In fact, the people of the Czech Republic have proclaimed their country as one of Europe’s most atheistic. 


So where do the Czech people find meaning and purpose in life? They turn to themselves and to trusted friends to find this meaning and purpose. In this openness to finding trusted friends gives opportunity, in the context of genuine friendship, to bring about a curiosity as the Czech students engage with new friends who not only believe in a God, but know Jesus in a very real and personal way. 


Opportunities to engage in this partnership range from Praying for it's people to going on a summer mission or other short term trip to doing a STINT year (or two) on mission with other Cru students and staff. Watch for the next opportunity to go with Clemson students in the Cru email [sign up here], in the weekly meeting, or just ask one of our staff members.

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