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Cru does not provide counseling services. However, we recognize that counseling is a valuable and worthwhile and so we are excited to provide an introduction to one of our local partners, Upstate Biblical Counseling.

Upstate Biblical Counseling

At Upstate Biblical Counseling, we expect life’s troubles to be answered with Christ-centered solutions. Our mission is to make Christ-centered counsel and training available to the churches and college students in the Clemson area and the upstate. We are a non-profit Christian ministry that is a branch of Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center. We seek to respect all people because they are made in God’s image. Our counseling and training seek to explore gospel issues and implications to confront a person’s struggles. We believe change and healing can be experienced not only because of Biblical guidance but because the Triune God of the Bible has been and still is at work to rescue and restore His people. God is intimately involved in our lives and we have hope because nothing can separate His children from His love and care (Romans 8:35-38).

T.L. Berry grew up in South Carolina and graduated from Clemson University. He has been involved in vocational ministry for over 15 years, most of which were in collegiate ministry. He was on staff with Cru at East Tennessee State University and Clemson University. He spent most of this time as a team leader who helped students grow in their faith while directing ministries on multiple campuses. During this time, he was burdened by the needs of students, as well as adults, who needed sound counseling that was faithful to the Bible. This led him to complete a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (both from Reformed Theological Seminary). He launched Upstate Biblical Counseling in August of 2020 to minister to the counseling needs of upstate students and adults, while helping to equip churches to care for their people. T.L. lives in Clemson with his wife and three children and is a member of Crosspoint Church.

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